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So., 15. Mai



Dreams: Doorways into deeper Aliveness

with Eligio Stephen Gallegos PhD.

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Dreams: Doorways into deeper Aliveness
Dreams: Doorways into deeper Aliveness

Zeit & Ort

15. Mai 2022, 16:00 – 18:30 MESZ


Über die Veranstaltung

The series of dream workshops that has just ended were so powerful and deepening that I have decided to continue to offer a dream workshop every Sunday. Attendance is limited to ten participants so that everyone will have a chance to share although sharing is not a requirement. Sessions last from two to four hours but participants can leave at anytime due to prior commitments. And workshops can be scheduled in advance. Dreams, however mysterious or obvious are an invitation for us too grow more deeply into our true being. If we follow dreams with the assistance of a guide from the deep imagination we find that the dream is in fact a road to our deeper aliveness and our greater wholeness. We are often distracted because we want to ‘interpret’ the dream, to discover what the dream means, or to understand its symbolism. A dream is in fact a doorway into a deeper aliveness, a fuller awareness, and a greater sense of presence. I am establishing a series of workshops in deep imagery where we will work with dreams, learning how to interact with the subtle guidance, how to enter the doorways and follow the passageways that are presented to us, and how to grow and mature as a result of this remarkable experience. A dream draws us deeper into who we truly are. It is a summons from our deeper more ancient dimensions calling us to fill out our wiser and more mature nature, and enabling us to live a richer and more creative aliveness. A dream knows where the gaps are in our wholeness and can lead us to the richness that is our rightful heritage. The first workshop will meet Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 8 AM my time (Mountain Central time in the US or 4 in the afternoon European time) and will meet for about two to four hours. 2 hours minimum. Participants can leave as they need after 2 hours. Subsequent workshops will take place on most Sunday through 2022 at 8 AM Mountain Central Time or 4 PM European time. You can sign up for each workshop individually or for all workshops. Attendance is limited to 10 people per workshop, and the price is $100 per person per workshop. Upon receipt of payment you will be sent a Zoom connection. If you need more information please contact Steve at

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