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I am Beauty within - mit Mary Diggin PhD

Workshopreihe mit Mary Diggin PhD (New Mexico)

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I am Beauty within - mit Mary Diggin PhD

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05. Jan., 19:30 – 02. Feb., 21:30

5 Termine / Zoom

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January 5, 12, 19, 26 & February 2

Beauty emerges, unasked for, from my own self into the world

We live in a world where beauty is emphasized as a commodity, and where often, people are judged as not beautiful enough. Look at the business of cosmetics, diets and plastic surgery. For many, beauty is a surface phenomenon, located in a person’s or object’s physical appearance. Taking inspiration from indigenous traditions, particularly the Jicarilla and Celtic worlds, this workshop explores inner beauty, in a mythic and imaginal 5 week journey.

True Beauty extends beyond what can be perceived directly by the senses. It can encompass basic ideas about health, and goodness, about our life path. This harmony is expressed in our relationships with other people, with the natural world, and with the world of spirit and forces. Physical beauty – visible in a healthy person or a creation or art – is an indicator of something more. It is an outward sign of a deeper and more all-encompassing beauty. That beauty is a product of striving for harmony in how one lives and a sign of a deeper, inner