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Bücher über Tiefenimagination

Bücher von Eligio Stephen Gallegos (englisch/spanisch)

Little Ed & Golden Bear.
Moonbear Press 1993
This is an engaging and inspiring novel, a story of the possibilities of childhood, rooted in creativity, belonging and wholeness and of the passageway into adulthood in true relationship with oneself, one's community and the earth.The old woodcarver, Golden Bear, introduces his new apprentice to his power animals... MEHR
The Personal Totempole Process - Animal Imagery, the Chakras and Psychotherapy
Moonbear Press 2012 (3. Auflage)
It is now 25 years since the Personal Totem Pole, as the title then read, was first published in 1987. The book has never been out of print in that time. It remains a steady seller as it serves still as one of the clearest and most accessible descriptions of how a person can explore the Deep Imagination. Accessing as it does the experience of Deep Imagery through the chakra system of the body, the book describes a way to engage with the deepest levels of imagery and still remain grounded and rooted in body... MEHR
Animals of the Four Windows – Integrating Thinking, Sensing, Feeling and Imagery
Moonbear Press 2020 [1992]
This is a profoundly important, provocative, and groundbreaking book – the first clear and comprehensive introduction to the four modes of human knowing. Dr Gallegos thesis – that there are in fact four windows, that they are of equal value and power, and that our survival depends on re-dressing are over-reliance upon thinking – appears, at first, to be a revelation. But then we settle into a deeper remembering that this is something we have always known, before we were taught and trained otherwise.. MEHR

Into Wholeness

The Path of Deep Imagery

Moonbear Press, 2002

Deep Imagery is one of the most powerful tools we have in working towards our Wholeness. This imagery is discovered rather than invented. It comes spontaneously and has its own aliveness and its own direction, its own intelligence. It is imagery that we cannot control but we can interact with it and develop a relationship with it. It is the imagery that comes to us in dreams but it can also be invited forth during waking consciousness. In this book Dr. Gallegos explores the use of Deep Imagery as a means of growing into the wholeness and fullness of our own being, as individuals... MEHR
Nothing is Nothing
Moonbearpress, 2013
A novel for your Inner Child. Meet David, a boy growing up and his friends: Gordy, Elephant, Grandfather, Bear Man, Merman and Dolphin. Share in their adventures together. Be nurtured by their story. A delightful experience! “Nothing is Nothing” is the first in a series of short novels that explore the ways in which education trains children to be obedient at the expense of their own wholeness and uniqueness, and how this is maintained by families, communities, schools, and the workplace. MORE
Something is Something
Moonbearpess, 2014
Something is Something is book 2 in the "Stories for the Inner Child" series. It follows on from David’s adventures in Nothing is Nothing. Now, after learning from Grandfather, Bearman, Dolphin and of course, Elephant, David returns to his home to discover he has a little sister, Cornelia. Is he in time to help her preserve her relationship to her Deep Imagination? How can he assist her in this? And more, what can she teach him? Read about David’s return home and meet the delightful Cornelia for yourself. MORE
Dream Visits
Moonbearpress, 2015

Dream Visits is the third book in the series Stories for the Inner Child by Steve Gallegos (E.S. Gallegos, Ph.D). The series explores the deep imagination as a living and vital part of human awareness. The focus in this book is on dreams. 

Once again, we follow the tale of David and Cornelia as they grow up. Cornelia is now 5 and David is surprised to discover that his little sister may actually know more about somethings than he does! MORE

Viajes Interiores – Terapias con la visualización

Bücher von Eligio Stephen Gallegos (deutsch)

Little Ed und seine Reise zu den Tieren der Kraft
Neue Erde Verlag, 2003
Deutsche Fassung von "Little Ed & Golden Bear"
Indianisches Chakraheilen –
Der persönliche Totempfahl-Prozess
Verlag Neue Erde, 2015
Von der Psychotherapie kommend und aus der Begegnung mit dem indianischen Totempfahl entwickelte Stephen Gallegos in den 1980-er Jahren den »Persönlichen Totempfahl-Prozess«. In der inneren Schau oder »Visualisierung« begegnen wir dabei in unseren Chakren bestimmten Tieren, die uns helfen, seelische Traumata zu heilen und das innere Wachstum auf einfache und wirkungsvolle Weise voranzubringen.
Mit dieser Methode lernen nicht nur Patienten ihre inneren Anteile und Antriebe besser kenne
n und mit ihnen umzugehen, sondern jede Person, die an persönlichem Wachstum interessiert ist, kann sich mit dem »Persönlichen Totempfahl-Prozess« einen leicht gangbaren Weg zu innerer Ausgeglichenheit, echtem Wohlergehen und tiefgreifender Heilung erschließen. MEHR

Dem Schamanen in sich entdecken
Verlag Neue Erde
Deutsche Version von "Animals of the Four Windows"
In die Ganzheit –
Meine schamanische Reise zur Selbstheilung

Verlag Neue Erde, 2005
Deutsche Fassung von "Into Wholeness"

Bücher rund um Tiefenimagination anderer Autorinnen & Autoren

Kinder entdecken ihre innere Kraft: Integrative Imaginationsarbeit.
von Christian Lerch
The Elephant of my Heart.
von Jessica Clements
Innere Bilder: Die Kraft der Tiefenimagination
von Jenny Garrison 
Laura Spies)
Frage dein Krafttier: Heilende Botschaften für alle Lebenslagen 
von Patricia Rüesch
Tanz in die Weiblichkeit:
Mein Weg der Heilung durch Tiefenimagination 

von Phyllis Brooks Licis
Der Heilgesang -
Von der seelentiefen Reise eines mutigen Vogels. 

von Margrit Jütte
Das Weiterleben der Seele:
Was innere Reisen über das Leben nach dem Tod verraten, wie wir Sterbende hilfreich begleiten und wie wir selbstbestimmt und in Frieden hinübergehen.

von Patricia Rüesch

Heimkehren – Bring deine Seele zurück!: Eine magische Erzählung für dein persönliches Erwachen

von Joana Lisa Braun


Lisa entdeckt ihr Krafttier.
von Patricia Rüesch. 
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